is for someone new or veteran to explode their personal branding. By completing easy steps they can enter their picture, details, and be rotating their advertising in minutes.

Brandmetool has a wealth of personalized splash pages and banners of your favorite manual traffic exchanges, many of them unique, which you can use quickly and free with rotators.

Want to make connections through social media?
Use the quick settings to implant your twitter, skype, facebook,etc right on to the splash pages being advertised instantly.

Gain access to a built in affiliate program loaded with your referral ids ready to go in minutes.

Our one click sign up technology makes us the fastest and easiest.

  • Robert McCartney "Brand Me Tool is a powerful and easy way to quick start your branding, but it also proved very effective in list building. Not only did sign-ups upgrade at a higher rate than most sites, they then went on to sign up and upgrade in other programs through the downline builder... spilling out serveral income streams in the process."

    Robert McCartney
  • Nick Grimshawe "After a year of marketing my affiliate programs on traffic exchanges and safe lists and not seeing any results I joined Brand Me Tool. I was blown away when I got the email saying I had made a commission. At 35% commissions I love Brand Me Tool so much I have made it my main business."

    Nick Grimshawe
Up to 35% Commissions-Lightning Signups-Simple and Fast
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